Africas Art of Braids in Atlanta, Georgia - 770-320-0292
Our stylists specialize in providing braiding services for African-American men and women. We can do dreadlocks, mohawks, micro braids sketch braids, pixie braids, and Senegalese Braids. We also do corn rows, flat twists, kinky twists, flatliner braids, and tree braids and more!
Short Pixies/Hair includedInterlock BraidsInterlock BraidsLong Pixies/Hair included
Connected Box BraidsNatural CornrowsConnected Box Braids LargeSmall Cornrows
Wrap Braids/Hair includedJumbo Cobra Braid Updo/Hair includedNatural two string twristCumbo Updo /Hair included
Flatliner Braids/Hair included1st Place Winner Style (Cobra /swirl Braids Updo/Hair includedLock TwristSmall Cobra Braids/Hair included
Boxstitch  Updo/Hair includedCombo Updo /Flatliner&Wrap Braid/Hair includedWet &Wavy Micros Braids/Hair includedSmall Pixies/Hair included
Combo Cornrows/ Sew n back /Sew n hair not includedShort Pixies /Hair includedWrap Braids /Hair includedCobra Braids/Hair included
Flatliners/Hair includedFlatliner Braid/Hair includedJumbo Flatliner/Hair includedCornrows/Flatliner/Hair included
Combo/Wrap Braids Updo ?Hair includedDouble Sided Flatliner Braids/Hair includedWet & Wavy Micros/Hair includedYacky Micros/Hair included
Jumbo Double Sided Flatliner/Hair includedFlatlinerHair includedFlatliner Long/Hair includedKinky twrist (12yrs.under) Hair included
Knot twrist Updo/Hair includedFlatliner Long/Hair includedCombo Wrap/ Flatliners Braids/Hair includedKinky Twrist Braids/hair included
Top(Cornrows)Small $80.00 Bottom(Wrap Braids) $80.00KIDS (Combo/Wrap & Interlock)$80.00Bottom (Pixies)$180$160.00$120/Hair Included
$225.00/Hair Included$75.00/Hair Included$60.00/Hair Included$80.00 Hair Included
$175.00/Hair Included$140.00/Hair Included$150.00/Hair Included$200.00/Hair Included
$125.00/Hair Included$120.00/Hair Included$160./Hair Included$80.00/Hair Included
$80.00/Hair Included$80.00/Hair Included$70.00/Hair Included$70.00Hair Included
$70.00/Hair Included$60.00 /Hair Included$60.00/Hair Included$60.00/Hair included
$60.00/Hair Included$60.00/Hair Included$80.00 /Hair Included$80.00/Hair Included
$80.00/Hair Interlock$150/Hair Included$150/Hair Included$150/Hair Included
Wet & Wavy MicrosWet & Wavy Micros$120.00 /Hair Included$120.00/Hair Included
$120.00/Hair Included$200.00 /Hair Included$200.00/Hair Included$80.00 Hair Included
$80.00 Hair Included$80.00 /Hair Included$120.00/Hair Included$120.00/Hair Included
$120.00 /Hair Interlock$70.00 /Hair Included$70.00/Hair Interlock$120.00 Hair Included

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